Sunday, November 30, 2008


So I'm struggling to find something to tell you all about. I know, I know, Bobby never has a hard time finding something to talk about. But one of my goals in every note is to be able to encourage, enlighten, empower and anything else that starts with "e" that is cool. More or less, I don't want blather about myself, but make sure the focus is always on God. Well, as we boil down into this holiday season, it's a little tough at times to remember why I'm here. Not here, like sitting at a computer, or in a FOB in Iraq, but it's hard to remember why I'm here on earth. It's not so much like I'm depressed. I don't get sad and torn up over missing the holidays. I love my family and miss them very much, but this isn't the first time I've missed out on being with them for the best time of year. Instead, I forget why I'm here on earth: to glorify God by enjoying Him forever. And because I'm forgetting that, I'm cold to the world. It's like I'm shutting of all of the emotions that could be there and just not allowing any types of emotion in. I'm not letting good or bad affect me so that I can go on with what has to be done.

Have you ever felt that way (or I guess a better way to put it is, have you ever not felt that way?)

I'm sure you have. This isn't the first time I've felt it, and the nice thing about writing it down, it is makes me aware that I'm feeling this way, and it's time to once again go to God and ask Him to help me remember! I want to remember why I'm here and remember that He's good.

Could you please pray that my spiritual life will be enlivened, and that I will be able to have spiritual food poisoning, just puking joy on everyone around me?

Alright, well that's all the time I've got for disgusting metaphors. I love you all.



Stephie said...'re really, really gross.

I have so many questions for you that this post brought to mind. However, I think I will enclose them in a letter versus posting them on your blog for all to see.

We have so much to talk about...

When you get back we're going to have to get coffee and talk at least once a week pretty much for the rest of our lives. Cause there is just no way we're ever going to be able to talk all the way through all of the things I need to talk to you about, philosiphize with you about, discuss with you, and fight with you over any other way.

I'm penciling you in on my 2009 calendar. When are you free?

love you,


Bobby's Blog said...

10AM the 18th of October sound good?

kari j said...

ummm, that was vivid bobby....
i feel a - a little sick now.

praying for you as always,

Elainna said...

Sean said a few weeks ago that when someone is intoxicated they have to continue to drink to sustain their state. Bobby, drink in the Living Water and don't stop so you overflow and can not contain it. Hunter and I are praying for you. Acts 2

Jules said...
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tinybubbles0911 said...

Hey Bobby,

The mental picture of you puking all over everyone is quite disgusting however when you take it out of text so to speak it is an amazing message and hope! I don't think you have forgotten anything, It is contained in your words..
God has you and will not let you go, YOU of all people know that deep in your heart.. It might just get a bit lost for a time, but don't be so hard on yourself.. Read the beginning of your post.. You want to make sure you encourage, enlighten, empower etc.. That IS God Bobby.. I am sure most notes that come home to the States are full of no hope, no encouragement but only the desolate feelings of our wonderful warriors. I learn so much from just reading your words, so even when you feel empty and don't think God is using you, remember someone reading your words is learning from you!!

Be safe!! WE MISS YOU!!

much love..

Stephie said...

October 18th, sounds good. I'll buy.