Monday, June 15, 2009

It's hot and dry here, but I'm hot and refreshed.

Well, after getting to spend two weeks in the wonderfully lush United States, enjoying 60-80 degree weather with mild amounts of mugginess, I'm here in Kuwait, greeted by 110 degree weather about as dry as public bathroom toilet paper. In fact, I've had two random bloody noses due to the mixed heat/dryness' drying out the capillaries in my nostrils. That's annoying.

And, though it's hot and dry, and I'm stuck waiting on the weather to undust so I can fly back to my base, God knew that I needed a couple of days to reflect and relax before continuing on with my mission.

Due to a couple of exhaustingly deep conversations with my friends Jonathan and Alex, and my sister, I came back not quite feeling refreshed, and wondering how I was going to transition back to being an Army Sergeant again. Thankfully, God forced me to sit and think about Him and relax and read the Bible like I haven't done in quite some time. It sure is odd what God will use to get my attention and show me how much He loves me. Thanks, God.


JMH85 said...

Boy do I hear your heat whoas. Here in California it has been in the 80's for 3 wks and then all of a sudden BAM 100 degrees. Not diggin' the heat.

Glad that you had some God and you time. He always seems to know the best way to reach us in all situations. In Prayer.


abb said...

Quiet and still can be very, very good.

A.J. said...

YAY! there's the mention of misery i was looking for. i'm glad you got some days to recover. see you back soon.

Stephie said...

Hmmmmmmm, you don't specify which sister -- who could you have meant? Mary greatly appreciated your flowers by the way.

I think at this point I would take your dry weather (I would pass on the dust though). It's been muggy as a sauna full of nasty sweating sumo wrestlers here.

Do you know the actual date they're letting you out? Or haven't they disclosed it yet?

Stephie said...

Oh, and by the way, public bathroom toilet paper isn't the best example of something that is extraordinarily dry. Quite often (and horribly enough), it's got a little bit of sog to it, especially if you're at a public bathroom at a park, playground, or pool.