Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Noticing the unnoticed.

I was reading a book by C.H. Spurgeon this week called "Morning and Evening."

Wait, that is a really bad way to start this post. I'm pretty sure that if a person starts off their post by telling how they read a book, that half of the readers just now clicked the X on the top corner.

Oh well, I have something I want to share, and reading a book is how it started. So suck it up.

The first morning, the verse that Spurgeon picked out was Joshua 5:12 "and that year the people ate of the land of Canaan." He pointed out how big of a verse that is for the people of Israel, and how that verse was the fulfillment of a thousand years of promises.

You know what stuck out to me? Spurgeon had a great point (like he always does), but I was struck by the fact that I've read that verse before a bunch of times and never noticed it. How can I read the Bible and not notice the verse that points out that God fulfilled His promise!?

More importantly, how often do I miss what God has done in my life? Do my doubts really come from God not moving, or do they come from my not paying attention to God moving.

I don't make a lot of New Year's Resolutions, because Resolutions are just made to be broken. But this year my prayer is to notice God. I want to be roasted, ground, brewed, and stimulated by a cup of God coffee every day.

I love you guys, thanks for sticking it through my book reading message.


A.J. said...

oh that wasn't even at all as long and painful as i hoped for when i read your first line! i'm still working on getting that book! it will happen! it seems to me that the entire basis for our faith is God's work throughout our stories since birth and our noticing and giving Him the glory for it. and yes, resolving to have a God who is like coffee seems a worthy goal!

Jessica R. said...

Hey Bobby! I don' think people will click the x, just because you told them you read a book... Besides, I find it very fascinating! Anyway, you should check out my blog. I'm pretty sure it's Jessicablog@blogspot.com... Anyway, TTYL!

Vallie said...


I love this, especially the God cup. My best memories are times when I've really paid attention to God and He has amazed me.

The kids and I thought of you this week, as we visited the Jelly Belly Factory for a school field trip. We decided to share our joy of Jelly Belly's with you. Jackie's sending them soon. Hope you enjoy!!

Church today was awesome - I had to park on the street, so many cars. :) It doesn't really matter whether there are a few or a lot of people, we always go to worship and celebrate, but it is kind of invigorating when there's a crowd.

We're talking about finances. How to have "Financial Sanity". Great message. The key verse I Tim. 6:6 "Godliness with contentment is great gain." We talked about how the root of many of our financial struggles is not being content with what we have or what we can afford, so we live above our means, which in the end makes us miserable. We talked about the 80/10/10 plan. Living on 80 percent, giving 10 percent, and saving 10 percent. Personally, we've learned to live on 90 percent, plus some overage with debt. But learning to save 10 percent would be really exciting to me. That's one goal I would like to get to. I'm looking forward to all that God has for us as we look to Him and how to manage the finances that all belong to Him anyway. There is blessing in obedience, and peace comes when we are living according to His ways.

May God bless you this week, as you focus in on Him and live for His glory.

Praying for you, brother!

In Him,


Hodie85 said...

You make some great points this week, especially the bit at the end about the God coffee. When I read this the thought the came to my mind was this.

Those of us who live in America are living in a fast paced society. We want our food fast, our coffee fast, our computers fast..the list goes on and on. Even in our churches today we've got our services timed to one hour and our quiet time down to 15 minutes. I myself am guilty of this very process. And I wonder how many times in my haste to spend time with God have I missed His promises to me. I may be going through the practice of spending time with God, but am I really devoting my heart and mind to the pursuit of knowing Him more deeply.

Thank you for reminding me to stop and take time for God. My resolution for this year will be to make my times with God quality rather than breezing through. In prayer.

In His Grip,