Sunday, January 25, 2009


Something I learned at New Direction from their most-wise owner is that a talented person can be good at many things, but someone who wants to be great at something can only do one thing. I've been talking with God lately, and I realized that He is worthy of greatness. I want to be great for Him.

So here are some thoughts about the future going on in my head. Though I have a multitude of options in my head, I realize that there is one passion that rules them all. I want to work with students. And in that, I want to provide for them male role models to help them grow, and I want to help students make a difference in the world. That is a multiple part single desire.

Now the question that is leftover is "How?" I have no idea. So for this week, could you comment on what kinds of suggestions you've got. Any ideas?


Stephie said...

So I'm feeling kind of at a loss as to what to comment on any of your posts anymore, BUT I wanted you to know I'm still checking and reading them.

So I realize I'm not really qualified to speak on this matter but....

Why are you asking everyone "how?" You goose! You already know what everyone is going to answer you. All of your church friends here will say to come back, Mom and Dad will tell you to follow God's lead (and Mom will slip in some little comment about you moving to Wisconsin), AJ will say to move to Seattle (I really think he has said that in all of his posts :)....

And I have no idea why you say you have no idea because you do. You have lots of ideas. All that remains is for you to just flippin' pick one. Or to decide that you like none of your ideas, and come up with something entirely different (even if it's something that nobody is gonna like cause it might mean you not coming back to them).

Maybe this is one of those moments where I'm totally on a different wavelength that you, and am answering a question in a way that is entirely unhelpful.

So, in other news, I told someone about the Outhouse Monkey. I hope that was OK.

Please be safe (though I want to hear the story about you almost not being safe. It sounds like a good one).

I love you.


Hodie85 said...

Wanting to impact the lives of students is truly a noble calling.The students in this generation are lost and hurting and it takes so very little to make a huge difference in their lives.Like all of us they just want to know they are loved, wanted and cared for. This world especially needs men and women who are willing to make it their life's pursuit to being role models for our young people. And there are so many avenues in which you can do that. Just to name a few there are...Youth Minister, Younglife Organizer, Services Organizations such as the Boys and Girls Club, Teacher, Guidance Counselor,Work with at risk youth, Juvenile Detention Center Ministry.

With all things in life I encourage you to seek God for the direction you should go. And keep an open mind and heart to the area that He may lead you. One man can do great things if he allows God to lead him. I hope this was helpful. Faithfully Praying.


Trust in the LORD with all your heart,and do not lean on your own understanding.In all your ways acknowledge Him,and He will make straight your paths.
Proverbs 3:5-6

beckyjoy said...

So I wish that I could give you the answer to all of your questions...but the reality is that I cannot. All I can do is tell you that I am wondering the same questions that you are. I am in a job that I do not enjoy and am currently searching...if you find anything let me know!!!!
Wish you were here so we could talk. Miss ya lots!

abb said...

It's amazing how many different things you could do that would fulfill that desire for you. I can easily think of eight, ten jobs that you could do that would "fit" this.

But I'm one of those people that believes that God has a plan for each of us -- and a specific one, at that. While you could potentially do a lot of different things, I believe that He's got a specific thing for you to do. And when you've done that specific thing? He'll have another one for you, too. I also think that His plan builds on itself, each piece intertwining, even when we can't see what it's making.

I love quotes and it just so happens that my favorite one ever goes right along with this topic:

"I had spent my whole adult life studying just the right things and doing just the right things to be qualified and ready. I was God's workmanship long before I knew what the good work was that He was preparing in advance for me. But when I got there and started doing it, it was entirely obvious that was the plan. I believe that God has a plan for everyone and that He is shaping you and giving you the exact experiences and information you will need to do His perfect will. I also believe that you will know it when you see it, and that when you accept it, you'll never look back with regret." - Carolyn Dirksen

If this comment was already long enough as it is, I've got another thing to say, too.

There have been times when I've wondered if what I'm doing -- particularly the small, seemingly insignificant things -- are really making a difference or not, especially when it comes to investing time into girls I mentor. God really brought correction to me about this though by reminding me of how the youth pastor I had when I was in middle and early high school years had no idea that the values he was instilling in me when I was a silly 14 year old would, a mere decade later, be something I would be using to reach out to girls myself.

You may never actually know just how much your investments in the youth you've already served will yield years down the road.

kari j said...

I like Stephie's answer, hee hee :o) Actually, it was truly a lot along the lines of what I was thinking.
I have no doubt that God has gifted you with the talents of relating AND being able to teach/mentor children and teens [well, and my husband for that matter!] :)
I also have no doubt that no matter where you *think* He's going to take you, He will take you even has been shown over the past few years.
Love and prayers to you bro,
kari, derek & mckenzie
[i think ben checks your blog and will want to make some kind of crazy comment on his own :)]

A.J. said...

ewwwww.. stephie, i must beg to differ! i would never advocate anyone's moving to seattle. gross. besides i'll be in chicago in 1.5 year anyways so, Bobby, go back there. yep....orrrr...go with whatever gets you the most fired up. because a fired up Bobby changes things! I think God communicates this way. and definitely don't go anywhere you SHOULD go or feel guilt-driven to go. you know how i feel about that.

vipchaseB said...

Well, now that obamas pres. he'll send you back soon.
Then you can work your magic