Sunday, December 14, 2008

Third Time's the Charm

There are days when I look at this blog and think to myself, "Well, I have to have something to write about. I mean, I know people care about me, and I want to keep them informed." But it is tiring sometimes. What if I don't want to admit that I haven't learned anything this week? What if I don't want to admit that sometimes it is hard? I mean, this is like three gloomy notes in a row, and if I don't start bring the energy level up, people are not going to want to read about me anymore. And we know how much I like attention...

This week, I've been thinking about various options for the future. Will I go back and work for Ben? Will I get a full time job with CCF? Will I extend my military career? Will I move somewhere else? They're all viable options. But which one is best?

Then I got to thinking, "Why would I do any of them?" I know my purpose in life is to bring glory to God, and time is terribly short. What would be the best use of my time? Do I have time to spend in preparation for something in the future? Or should I just make the future now and do the best I can? How can I serve best?

That progressed into thinking, "Am I taking the time right now to do the best I can? How will God entrust me with something bigger if I'm wasting the time now? What can I do right now to show that He is real to the people around me?"

It turned out fantastic. I was in the back seat of our Humvee thinking about all of this, and someone asked me about what had happened to me this past year. I got to explain my entire testamony and how God has protected me my whole life, and has done straight up visible miracles this year. It was awesome because I got to remember, if even just for a minute, what God has done for me.

That brings me to another point. Isn't this website awesome? Cause even if no one reads this (which I can't tell if you read it if you don't leave a comment, so please leave a comment! It's really encouraging!), I get the chance to recite what God has done for me in the past week. I would totally recommend finding a way, time, place, journal, or website to consciously think over what God has done for you on a regular basis.

Well, that turned ungloomy there at the end. Cool. Later.


Melissa said...

Hi Bobby. Just letting you know that we love you and we are praying for you. Love- Charlie, Melissa and Anne

Jules said...

so its funny that you said to be encouraging (or that leaving you a comment would be encouraging) because within the last couple weeks I have found that I am not a very encouraging person and you know how god likes to push us to work on things we are not good at? (I hate that! jk) anyways the other day I was browsing through the chapters we were suppose to study for bible study (oh yeah we are going over this new book called "standing firm in these last days" it goes over thess.) and one verse stood out to me! its 1st thess. 5:11 and its says "Be encouraging and lift eachother up." when I first read this verse I decided that would be the one and only verse I'd journal on that day, even though its small, to me it has a big impact. At first I thought it would be very very very hard to follow this scripture. and i'm not going to lie, at first it was very hard for me. but only cuz i made it hard for me. I kept thinking "what can I say thats encouraging?" "how can I lift anyone up when I am a mess myself?" but then when I started actually trying I realized it was easy to say something nice (lol) it was easy to tell people that they mean the world to me and I am happy God placed them in my life. I started practicing everyday by telling Abraham that. It was the first thing out of my mouth in the morning and it set a tone for the rest of my day. SO (sorry this is a long one) now I am sitting here thinking how can I be encouraging to bobby who is all the way over there and we don't really know eachother that well? All I can think is that you are my brother in christ (forgetting the fact that you act like my brother when certain embarrassing stories come up, hem, hope that gives you something to laugh about as you are reading this! lol) is that I cant wait for you to come home and life isn't the same without your sense of humour around. We all miss you a lot around here! You are a strong person! so be safe and come home in one piece!

beckyjoy said...

Hey Bobby,
So I must admit that I am much better at reading your posts than responding to them. Sorry about that. To be honest I haven't been in an encouraging mood the past couple of months. You remember how we talked about this place being filed with spiritual warfare, lets just say that I am experiencing it in ways that I never expected.
I am always encouraged when I read your posts. You have a unique way of viewing a situation and I envy your desire to find the good in every situation. I just wanted to let you know that I am thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers.
Be safe my friend!
Miss ya, Becky

A.J. said...

ha! i knew it would turn out ungloomy. thank you for your faithfulness to God that is such an encouragement to me when i feel like writing notes of gloom. so III think you should move to Chicago and eat at Portillo's, drink mochas, and work for the redemption of the world with me. ok?

kari j said...

what a great lesson for ALL of us, eh?! i think about that one often bro. still a hard concept to really grasp, cherish, take care of and live out, but striving for it! as sean would ask, "are you being present in the moment?"
dang it. thanks sean. thanks bobby. too many of you to keep us accountable to Biblical teachings
:o) ha ha
love ya bro,
k, b, d, and zz

acm40 said...

Hey Bobby!!
I was just actually fixing a photo of you for announcements this weekend and was thinking, That is a great photo! Man we miss you!!! Thank you for your service to the Lord and the service to our country. You are the man!!

vipchaseB said...

Merry Christmas Bobby

Stephie said...

Hey you.

So, I'm making a very conscious effort to respond to your blog, even though I'm not really sure what to say in response to this one. I want to say, I want to say, "Go Bobby!" and in some small way I want to say "Go God!" But obviously I'm a little conflicted on that second part. I can't quite wrap my head around your absolute trust in Him. There's the slight temptation to just brush your faith off and say "well, whatever works for you..." But I know what you have runs so much deeper than "crutch" status. I can't quite dismiss it.

Anyway. Hey, did you open your presents yet? I'm sending the real one tomorrow -- I know, it's going to be late. Sorry, boss. I think you'll like it. I hope.

Alright, I'll talk to you/write to you later.

I love you.


Stephie said...

So, I thought I proofread my comment before posting, but apparently not....IwanttosayIwanttosayIwanttosay......

And I just realized that "crutch" is a really harsh word -- a little harsher than I meant. Forgive me?

Vallie said...

Bobby, I thought I'd blog instead of email you today with the ccf update. Thanks for being transparent. Your blog reminded me of King David in the Psalms. He would open up being so real with his feelings, and often end up focused and praising God. Since you asked us to think of something encouraging, I'll share something I experienced yesterday. I attended a Christmas tea that is kind of an annual get together. My friends who put it together always go way out of their way to make it beyond special. Last year at the tea they asked us to write down some of our blessings from 2007. Then we put it in an envelope and honestly forgot all about it. This year, they gave our sealed envelopes of blessings back to us so we could read them. Here's what I wrote: friends, family, health, kittes, newly remodeled house, flowers, lunch with my honey, answered prayer, my mom got to drive over & visit us this week, beautiful weather, bird shows (the ones God puts on for me), homeschooling, good relationships with my kids, driving Brandon to school time (only five minutes each way - but treasured to have with him), Derek (my Derek) in his spiderman costume, visiting the "French Chalet" (an amazing home I was invited to for a Teen Challenge event). My prayer was: God, You continue to bless me in so many ways. Thank You that no eye has seen, no ear has heard what You have prepared for those who love You! You God amaze me and I love You! May God richly bless you, help you to find encouragement in difficult times, and always remind you of what He has done for you in the past and what He will do in the future. In Him, Vallie