Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Day One

Monday was my first day on the job. Being me, I left early enough to allow myself ample time to find the church and get acclimated to the environment. I printed out directions from MapQuest, but I got a little turned around. Every other road here is peach this or Peachtree that. I wonʼt even begin to point out all the variations of Martin Luther King Jr roadways there are. I do not blame myself for getting lost. The people I am staying with loaned me a GPS and it was a serious lifesaver today. Conveniently, I still arrived twenty minutes early (remember, I allowed time in my schedule for getting lost..)

I didn’t know what to expect, but I wasn’t prepared for what I walked into. The room was full of young adults. I was really intimidated and I had no idea who any of them were. Someone in charge announced that the meeting was going to start at 10:00 AM and to hang out until then. I discovered, when I started to mingle, that they were all interns. NorthPoint has several locations and today was orientation for all the campuses. There were 14 or 15 others.

I met the three interns that I would be working with; Meredith, Emily, and Alex:

Meredith has a twin brother and sister who are in same grade as her. All three of them go to Samford University.

Emily is from Pennsylvania and is staying with her sister who lives near NorthPoint. She goes to Eastern university and lives outside of Scranton.

Alex is a genetics major at Clemson and is debating about whether or not he should pursue law school. He is the only one of us who actually grew up going to NorthPoint. He is a very energetic person and has nice teeth.

Above the summer interns on the pecking order is the full-time interns; Mallory and Jared. We will work directly with them this summer. Mallory is also energetic. She and Alex dominated the conversation because they talk really fast and enthusiastically. Jared is a long time intern. His father works at NorthPoint and writes books with Andy. We were called into the meeting which was held in a pretty big auditorium called “The Attic.” We had to go around and introduce ourselves and say something quirky and it took a long time because we were all joking around. I had to admit that my schoolʼs mascot is “the Arch.” Not something cool like an Archer, but a stone structure. That got quite a laugh. After everyone was introduced, they gave us a brief history of NorthPoint. Then we were dismissed us for lunch. We went to Qdoba and they paid for it! I am going to like this job!

I figured out pretty quickly, that I was one of the older interns and so I chose to not admit my age. At lunch, I was cornered with a barrage of questions until I had to affirm that I was the closest to dirt in age out of everyone in the group.

Back on campus after lunch, it was time to get acquainted with the campus. To do that, the staff sent us on a scavenger hunt. We had to go all over campus finding coffee, coffee, soda, and post it notes. We had to get signatures from people and find out how to become a member. We even had to take group pictures. Alex was very useful during this time. He knew where a lot of the places were already. We only had an hour to do that.

Then we got together with the NorthPoint campus team for a team meeting. The Staff introduced themselves and their romantic background. Then they asked us why we wanted this internship. We went over the job description and found out which full time intern we will be working with. I am working with KT (i.e. Kevin Turner). Kevin is in charge of guy small groups. We take spread sheets and identify who is where and find the best locations to have small groups. We are also going to be in charge of recruiting new small group leaders. I get to do interviews for
new leaders and follow up interviews to take care of the old leaders. Another cool thing that I will be doing is holding our own bible study on Wednesday nights. The interns get to brainstorm and come up with a plan and then they will open it up to the youth group. We will also each lead a service project for each of the different grades.

At the end, they gave me a gift. It had books for me to read, a CD, and two t-shirts. One of the t-shirts is really soft!

Last, we reviewed their program. It is called “InsideOut.” We talked through every aspect of the service chronologically discussing what went well, and what could be improved. Though I had no idea how the service went, it was really interesting to hear them all discuss it.

I am in a state of shock -a white noise type of thing. I know there is an image, but it isnʼt in focus because it so bright. Itʼll take me awhile to adjust. I keep getting the “whoa!” feeling. This program is nine weeks and it is packed with optional opportunities like the mission trip, summer camp, bible study, and service project. Iʼm just trying to wrap my mind around it. They set the expectation level so high. Iʼm 24 and way more experienced than the other interns in I was overwhelmed with what they are expecting. It is cool to think this is what they want from a 19 year old.

They have certainly the bar high!

I’ll describe the place I am staying in my next post, but to give you a little taste, I’ll let you know that I met “grammy” today, and she thinks I have great teeth!… to be continued...

(P.S. Actually, this post was written by Elizabeth, my girlfriend. I related this story to her Monday night, and she, being awesome, volunteered to do my blog update since I was very very tired. I went through and edited it quickly, and all the information is correct. We made a bet that she couldn't make it sound like me. Could you tell that it wasn't me writing? Please let us know!)


Benjamin said...

Bobby. Nice updates, a little long :), but nice. Good call with the blog. I'm a fan already.

elizabeth said...

yes, i think it sounds like you. i used smaller words..!

Charlie said...

So, a point for Elizabeth. I thought it was you, Bobby. Way more specific than you normally write, but hey, you're documenting. She did an excellent job capturing your usual enthusiastic feel.

Charlie said...

And yes, I agree with Ben. Long, indeed. TWSS. Too wordy, Elizabeth. Next time we'll know.

Steve said...

Nice Blog. It actually did sound like you, but a little longer, sweeter and more descriptive than usual. Keep up the good work, you'all. Much love to you both from Mom & Dad J.

elizabeth said...

Well, you guys know the boy.. He thinks out loud.. I figured he'd be more on the long winded side than the short and sweet one.. The only concise thing he's ever managed was saying to me, "I'm fond of you, I think we should date.." I promise to get to the point quicker in his next blog!

Stephie said...

I could tell it wasn't Bobby. Although he does like to infuse he writing with enegetic effusions such as "they had nice teeth!" he usually keeps the count between one to three, not 87. Also Bobby uses more sentence variation, and doesn't start new paragraphs so frequently. Plus he never writes a paragraph shorter than ten sentences long.

And Bobby's ADD would never allow him to write such a long post.

Nice try Elizabeth, but you can't fool me! I know my brother far too well.

Jordan R. said...

I'm with the crowd -- Elizabeth did a great job. It was long and energetic (much like a plethora of your stories Bobby). Lookin forward to hearing more fun and adventures!

M.J. said...

I thought something seemed funny about it. Very long and boring. Bobby, you could have written it much more succinctly and more interestingly with cleverer words and more amusing thoughts.

J. Carr said...

yeah. I'm with the sisters on this one. I couldn't identify all the elements like they did, but it was awfully confirming for my gut when the truth was confessed at the end.