Thursday, April 30, 2009

Betrayed by My High Tech Friend

I'm a bit frustrated today.
I was working on my computer doing some editing on the book I've been writing, and my computer decided to die. Like, one second I'm typing, and the next second, the screen is black. The computer is plugged in, so it makes no sense for my computer to just die. Most of you know I'm a die-hard Mac fan, so the fact that my Mac is betraying me is kind of an emotional experience.

For those of you who did not know I'm writing a book, let me let you in a little on that experience. It's something I started without the idea of publishing. I just wanted to us it to think over some of my life experiences and process some unanswered questions. As I progressed through the process, I started to feel like my experiences might really be able to help some other people, so I kind of wanted to try to get it published, though I was very self-conscious about it. It's got a lot of extremely personal thoughts. But as I was talking to God, and venting about this, He told me, "If I put a desire in your heart, it is your responsibility to figure out how to make it happen." And so I've been quite driven to try to get this moving. (I don't like that "responsiblity" word, but God's God... and I'm not... so we know who's word is going to matter.)

Well, I was just about done with my initial edit, and ready to send it off to some of my friends for their opinion and editing, when my computer died today. I have saved the first draft other places, but the second draft... and the last month's worth of work is saved to that computer and nowhere else.

Well, I'm online right now, and I just looked up some trouble-shooting tips, but if you don't mind praying for an inanimate object, could you pray for my computer? And for my book.

Cause God told me that even though my computer is finicky, I'm not off the hook.

I love you guys...


JMH85 said...

From personal experience I usually find that it is good to follow what God says the first time rather than put it off. So it is awesome that you are willing to write from heart and you never know who will be impacted by your words.

I'm praying right now for your computer and for your book. I've got a couple of friends who are computer techs so I'll do some checking to see what they recommend. Even if the computer is a lost cause there may still be a way to extract info from the hard drive. I'll get back to you soon. Lots of prayers.

JMH85 said...

Okay so I don't know what you have tried, but here is what one computer tech suggested.

Try plugging your Mac into a desktop monitor. If your computer screen pops up then it just means your laptop screen has died. To do this connect the monitor to the video connector on your laptop (if it has one) The picture should automatically come up. If not you may need to enable the external video.

Also some good news he said as long as it is not the drive that is dead then you will be able to retrieve all data saved on it.

I hope this will help. If I get anymore troubleshooting tips I will pass them along.

abb said...

Hopefully I'll have some tips soon, too -- I sent an email to our head tech person here at work to get his opinion a couple of hours ago. I'll let you know when I hear from him.

In the meantime, I think I'll hug my little Mac a bit tighter before bed tonight. I guess you really don't know what you got 'til it's gone.

JMH85 said...

So round three here goes (this comes from a more Mac knowledgeable source)

He says that for a computer to just go black it more than likely 1 of 2 problems. Either your motherboard has gone out or the light bulb for LCD screen has gone out. Light bulb is an easy fix and cost about $15. If the computer is 4 yrs old or under the motherboard is worth repairing, otherwise he said look into getting a new one.

Another thing he said to try is to remove the battery and just run it off the power cord. If it runs that way then you need a new battery. If you are hearing the fan run or the drive make noises then most likely it is your screen.

On a positive note he does not believe it is your drive that is the problem. When your drive dies you will get a blue error page, but since you got a black screen he believes all your work is still there and retrievable. Also advises that since you are still overseas for awhile that you may want to ship it home for safety/care purposes.

I hope this helps you better assess the situation or at least puts your mind at ease a bit. If you need anything else let me know. Praying like crazy


A.J. said...

hey, how could apple do this to you! you've always been such a loyal follower. maybe its a bit of a Job story... anyway, miss you. can't wait to look at the newly edited edition. hang in there.

vipchaseB said...

Your friggin awesome