Thursday, October 23, 2008

Snapshots in Kuwait

Well, it's about 100 degrees every day, and really dusty. For instance, if the wind blows a little bit, there will be dust in your eye. You can put glasses on, you can put goggles on, you can squint, but when there is a breeze, it doesn't matter, there will be dust in your eye. You just have to get used to there being sandpaper between your eyelid and eyeball. It's cool though.It's been pretty slow here. We do some training, but mostly we sit around so we can acclimate to the 8 hour time difference and temperature.God is still being good. I slack off on him sometimes. I'm reading the book of Phillipians still. Wow, can you say jammed with good stuff? Take this verse just as food for thought:

"I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me."
Phil. 3:12

So lately, I've been praying for God to bless me like he did Joseph. There is a promotion coming up that I want, but as with everything, there are politics to it. What do you think of praying for God to improve your situation when you don't need it? I want to be able to represent God in everything here, and I want Him to increase my sphere of influence. I also want Him to give me a roommate who doesn't snore. Do you think those are legitimate prayers? If so, please keep them in your prayers, along with strength and joy through this entire deployment. I love you guys. Please stay in touch.


kari j said...

HA ha :) Yes, we can definitely pray about each and every one of those things.
Oh, and small comparison....I feel you on the dust in your eye thing. We took Diesel to the pumpkin patch last week out on a farm in Livermore, and it was DISGUSTING when I took my contacts out that day :( Gross.
Do you have saline? :)

We miss you Bobby. Oh, and when you get a chance you should check out the podcasts of the sermons lately...especially todays. God is really speaking OUT LOUD through Sean lately about some crazy important stuff. Wish you were here with all of us.
Derek sends you a hug!!!

lethalrighthand said...


I haven't stopped praying for you. But, I am a snorer, (so I have been told) so I don't know how many sympathy points you'll get there. Let me know if I can send ya something for those eyeballs. Or anything else. I miss not seeing you around. I am up for a promotion too and you hit it on the head when you said, how do ask God for something when things are going well" (paraphrased). My prayer for us is that others will see that by our faith and devotion through good times and bad, God will always provide. Take me up on my offer or I am going to start sending you childrens coloring books and pink crayons. Keep the faith. Brothers....... Chicago Joe Hofman

Marce said...

Hey Bobby! It's so good to hear/read from you... Just the way you write-- it's kinda like hearing your voice. I miss you alot. Come home soon, OK?

Marce said...

Odd... That comment posted under "marce" but this is most definitely Stephie commenting... I'll have to look into that.

I love you.

New Direction said...

Dude, prayers in full effect. We miss you a lot here at the studio. Don't get fat. We'll laugh at you. I love you little brother. I will update you with the progress at the shop. Danville Mixer here in January. THRive acquistion closed on Friday. 15 staff members. Holy cow. Can you eat cow in Kuwait? I just ate flank steak. Keep the faith, eat good and know that you are sorely missed.
-B (no, not yourself)

Cathy E said...

Hi Bobby,

You can absolutely pray about "everything!" God knows what you want anyway so you may as well come clean with it all. He will only give you what you need anyway. Just ask Him to always search your heart to make sure your heart's desires are His desires.

We miss you around here. I am glad to hear you are safe and not in the middle of craziness right now.

Be safe and strong. Keep the faith. Go with God mighty warrior and Be the Light. (that's what I tell my kids every morning..)

Cathy E

TinyBubbles0911 said...

Hey Bobby,

Like Cathy said pray, God will give you what you need.
And like Kari said definitely check out the podcasts from the past month or so. Sean is hitting the nail on the head so to speak. Its like he always says at CCF 'we go there!!' and God has lead him to lead us there. Great one this past Sunday about war. He did you and all our warriors proud..
We certainly do miss you, but somehow I think God has you right where he wants you. Spread the word you have a gift.
I hope thru all of this you still can find a smile and laugh, somehow if anyone can I'd bet you can!!
We love you dude and miss the heck out of you..
Go with God Bobby and use the gifts God has given you!!


jhaynie said...

hey bobby, this is kayla haynie's mom. ditto on what stacy said. kayla says youth is not the same without you. we also miss your keyboarding skills. it'll be nice to hear the keyboard again someday. stay strong and spread the Word. take care of yourself, i'll tell kayla to write you since i finally figured out how. i will definately keep you in my prayers. be safe!!

MBarry said...

So I typed this long message then it didn't work when i went to post it :( but it said...

Hey Bobby! I'm glad you have this blog to keep everyone at home updated. Sorry to hear about the dust... I can send you some goggles I have from chemistry, they fully enclose your eyes but they're a little dorky. Its good that you had Mexico dirt to help you get used to being around dirt and dust :) Let us at CCF know if you need anything, or anyone else around you. We here at home can take simple things for granted, but you're a gazillion miles about without many comforts of home. You're in our prayers! Take care!

Megan (& Chris) B

Kim McEwen said...

Oh my gosh are so funny! Of course you can pray for a non-snoring partner...and with out seizing! Sean and I both pray for that and we have a couch to go to if need be. : ) Are you allowed to wear ear plugs?

We miss you like crazy! I still think God's secretary got your papers mixed up with someone else's. But if not, I know that He has some amazing plans for you over there! So you go for every promotion that you desire and believe that you are called to. Listen to the Holy Spirit. He has a plan for you so don't be afraid. Go for it!

Since Christmas is just around the corner, please start making a list for yourself and your buddies there. We will ship out a box in time for you to get it before Christmas.

Kim (My reading for you while I pray for you is Psalm 108)

lethalrighthand said...

Thanks for the cool insight. Yeah, I definately felt that way when I was in Israle and Jerusalem. It was one huge goosebump. Well it is the morning after the election. As you probably heard, you have a new President. Other than the normal Propositions passing and failing, one of the more popular one; Prop. 8 is losing 52% to 48%. That is the one on same sex marriage. It looks like the majority of the people do not want to recognize same sex marriages. Hey, about the food, I am always interested in some good recipes. We got our fist good rain storm last weekend. The Packers are 4-4. The Bears are 5-3. The Niners have a new coach in Mike Singletary. One of his first motivational tactics was to take his pants down during halftime. Small groups started again. Seems like a lot of people are engaged. Our outreach event is that all groups collectively are going to Friday Night Strike. It is gonna be a FATTY! Well, homie, gotta go work for the legal tender. Any word on your promotion? I haven't heard nothing. I will keep praying that God's will be done. Take Care, brother. Linda says high. -------Joe Hofman

Jules said...

I think the prayer about the non snoring roomate is legit but i'm not so sure about the other ones... lol jk... I'll keep you in my prayers! be safe bobby!